We don't mean to brag, but we do have a knack for making brands look really attractive.


Connect. Grow. Repeat.

We’re a team of strategists, artists and creatives specialising in branding, design, content, and web. We work through every byte and pixel, in motion and print, on all kinds of screens, for ambitious and highflying brands.

UX/UI Design

Art Direction


Visual Design
Brand Strategy
Product Launch
SM Management


Frontend Development
CMS Development
Landing Pages


Web Management
Brand Analysis
User Research

Our Team

We are a small, intimate team, where we’re pals first, colleagues second and serious Pro Evolution Soccer competitors third. We’re all here because we’re the kind of people who look at a puzzle with manic excitement. We’re problem solvers and creative thinkers that believe in solutions, not problems.

With personalised skill sets spanning design, illustration, development, calligraphy, breakdancing, singing, and skating, we bring a lot to the table (…most of it useful), and are always on the hunt for a road less travelled and a solution that no one saw coming.

Our Clients

First off, our clients aren’t just clients, nor are they just businesses – they’re people. Real life people. True story. We’re not going to give cookie-cutter work because we’re not cookie-cutter people. Every job and every person is unique, so our work is too.

If you have a challenge you need help with, from growing your business to needing staff training to starting a whole new brand, we’re here to help. That’s what we do… solve people’s problems.

Happy Clients

Used to think it was rocket science to get my business actively online. Not anymore, thanks to these amazing guys.

- Damilola

When it comes to techie stuff like websites and branding, etc, I'm a complete novice, so I needed a team I could trust. Bytes and Pixels couldn't have come at a better time!

- Temitayo

Beautiful, beautiful work. That's all I can bring myself to say. The attention to detail, the precision- that's a big deal for me. Not something you see everyday.

- Tolulope